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TD 1204 Power Consumption

by gertorro Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:01 am

it seems odd but I'm having a current cosumption of 40 mA on a setup with the TD1204 just idling in EM2 mode.
15 mA of these come from the active GPS antenna (something I do not understand, as the GPS module has not been initialised yet) and 5 mA more come from a BLE module.
So, according to the reference datasheet, the idle current should be around 2.5 uA. What is happening here?

Also, when I have the correct firmware uploaded with all the device functions activated (GPS and ACC, no SIGFOX or RF transmission) the device draws about 100 mA in idle state. The current flow starts at 40 mA when the bootloader is active and then, when the device starts the program, it ramps up to the aforementioned 100 mA.

The whole setup is being supplied 3.3V directly (I have bypassed my custom 3.3V SEPIC supply), and there are just 4 LEDs (with their corresponding resistors, a MOSFET controlling an external peripheral, a resistor ladder (high R value~1M Ohm) for battery measurement and a pushbutton.

I would appreciate any help ;)
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