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Current consumption calculation on TD1208

by Capture Fri May 27, 2016 9:10 am

Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to calculate the current consumption of my battery in order to find the suitable battery for my product and as i found on the TD1204 Datasheet it is showing sigfox transmission per day for example 100mAh battery can able to send frame for 1.8 years but how it will become possible because as i saw in the datasheet it is mentioned sigfox transmission current
0.083 mAh so can anyone tell me how much curent it will consume for one day? i did several calculations but unable o find out the current consumption for whole day and also could you please tell me what about the idle current it is neglgiible or do i need to consider that factor also?

in the second example current measurements i movement detection, i gps position fix and sigfox transmission by considering all the factor, acceleo current 0.004mAh i gps cold start fix 0.225 mAh and sigfox transmission 0.083mAh so tatallu 0.312mAh current is drwan from the battery to do this functionality but in the datasheet it is mentioned different value 100/0.312mAh =320days but how in the datasheet of TD1204 indicating 246 days please clarify my doubt about the current consumption calculations of sigfox
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