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TD1208 EVB connected to UART of MCU

by gdillen Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:37 pm


I’m currently prototyping (POC) an IoT solution with an TD1208 EVB. I use the TD1208 EVB connected to an UART of an MCU (FRDM-K64F). I can send/receive commands (eg ATZ, AT&V, …) successfully, however all commands AT$… (starting with a $) don’t work.
- I have to connect the TX of the FRDM-K64F to the TX of the TD1208 and the RX of the FRDM-K64F to the RX of the TD1208
- The TD1208 EVB I received from AVNET doesn't correspond fully with the available documentation (the EVB board is mounted on another board so the e.g. ISP headers are not available to use)

Thanks for any help.

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