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Invalid flash address Eclypse

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 9:25 am
by Pulsar

I followed the instructions of ReadMe.
So i used the SDK 6.0 and it was fine.
And when i followed the instructions for Flashing/debugging (to flash a firmware to the TD12xx/TD15xx board), i have a big problem.
Because i selected '' Flash Selected Project '' and i have that in Eclypse :

Code: Select all
Flashing "C:\TD\TD_RF_Module_SDK-v6.0.0\Github\TD_RF_Module_SDK\TD_RF_Module_SDK\TD_RF_Module_SDK\examples\sensor\sensor_transmitter\TD1204 Release\sensor_transmitter.bin"
Uploading flashloader...
Waiting for flashloader to become ready...
Erasing Flash...
Invalid flash address.

I dont understand why... Last year it was fine...
(I use hardware EFM32)

Thank you