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Power consumption on 1508

by dandavid3000 Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:45 pm


I checked with my firmware (built on SD 6.3.4) - and Sigfox project from TD on TD1508. - I set dBm = 15

With Enegy Micro enegyAware Proiler I got
TX = 77 mA
RX = 66 mA

With Amperemeter TENMA 72-7730A I got
TX = 85 mA
RX = 66 mA

According to TD1508 Data sheet. They should be TX = 135 mA, and RX = 21 mA (low active radio power consumption). The result I obtained above was really high for RX

when I set dBm = 14 (I know this one is not correct)
Here's the result I got
TX = 110 mA
RX = 66

I'd like to know when I set dBm = 14 then what device is going to do ?

Could you please help me to check this, and guide me if I missed something ?

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