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Welcome! Using TD next Community and Community Etiquette

by tdnexteam Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:28 am

Welcome to the TD next Community! We’re excited to have some helpful, interesting and engaging conversations here on the boards. As you get started, please take a minute to look over some guidelines for getting the most out of the forums.

First, a few notes on what we expect from community members:
  • Play nice. People are trying to help, so there’s no need for attitude or general rudeness.
  • Politeness will beat terseness every day of the week
  • Give the community a little bit of time to answer your question – the person with the best answer may be on the other side of the world and asleep at the time you post.
  • Help create an easy to use forum – do your best to avoid redundancy, to clearly identify your questions for others to search for later, and help create a general atmosphere of learning, trust and excitement to create.
How to use the TD next community when you have a question:

Step 1: Create an account
  • You can do this through our site or by connecting to one of a variety of existing accounts
Step 2: Search the forums before asking your question.
  • It is entirely possible that someone else has run into the same issue you’re facing – check to see if they’ve posted it or a very similar question in the past before starting your own thread. This will help us all avoid redundancy and make it easier to find the answers we’re looking for…
Step 3: Ask a question or start a topic
  • Click +Create Topic at the upper right hand corner
Step 4: Create a searchable subject line
  • Make it easy for others who have the same question to find your thread later
    • Bad subject lines: “Help!” “I’ve got a question” “Keep seeing error”
    • Good subject lines: “First time power up” “Receiving error message S4D” “How do I integrate Twitter into my TD next application?”
Step 5: Use proper sentences
  • Technical jargon is totally fine but let’s all do our best to type out questions and avoid text message language, cool? Cool.
Step 6: What to include in your message
  • If you reference an error message include that exact message
  • Identify what you’re really trying to do, not just the step you’re hitting a snag on – someone in the community may have a way for you to skip that step altogether, but they need to know what you’re doing!
  • If you’re using an important library or language that is not standard to TD next product be sure to identify it and possibly point people to a place they can download and install it themselves.
Step 7: Post your message
It feels like there should be more to say here, but really this one is fairly self-explanatory.
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