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TD1208 / Tiny Gecko

by arnaudw Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:58 pm


I try to connect my Tiny Gecko with my TD1208 (it is mounted on an Snootlab Akene board).
I think i briked the TD1208 because i flashed a .bin with the loader... :roll:

Can't get my Tiny Gecko work, i activated "out" and followed instructions on the documentation.
It says "unable to read from sram".

I try to get the power from the tiny gecko and then, from the Adafruit Metro behind the Akene board. Same result.

Can you confirm that these connections are correct please ? :

On Tiny Gecko / On TD1208
PIN9(TCK) --> DB3
PIN20(GND) --> GND

If you have any ideas, thanks in advance for help.

EDIT : I have got ~3.27V/~3.28V on TD1208 (VDD-GND)
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Re: TD1208 / Tiny Gecko

by lcheminade Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:59 am


DB3 usual name is SWCLK and not TCK. If this does not solve your issue please provide us with the schematics of your board.

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Re: TD1208 / Tiny Gecko

by arnaudw Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:57 am

Got the solution after spending some hours tonight :)

I just need to connect Vtarget on the switch pin 3 bottom right.

Works flawless now, hope it helps for those who have the same problem of detecting TD1208 with tiny gecko and an Akene board.
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Re: TD1208 / Tiny Gecko

by awol Tue May 17, 2016 10:41 am

Hello, I have the exact same problem.

I think i blocked the TD1208 EVB module by trying to flash it through the "over the air" process (FTDI cable).
Now I am trying to upload the original firmware by connecting my 1208 EVB to the EFM32 Tiny Gecko EVB.
After following instructions (debug mode "out" in energyAwqre Commander, selecting the bin file, and then hit "Flash EFM32"), I get the error "unable to read from SRAM."

I read it was likely to be caused by power problems.
Sounds likely since I have only 0,5V GND-VCC on my 1208 EVB.
On my EFM32 Tiny Gecko EVB, everything is good since 3,3V-GND reads 3,27V.
There must be an insue in the power interface between my 1208 and my TG EVB.

Some people say they resolved it by connecting VDD to Vtarget.
I do not realy know what it means? Do I nead to physically connect pins with wires?
Sounds a bit strange since it should all work out of the box. I would not like to burn my EVB.

Could someone explain the procedure if it really is what needs to be done?

Thanks a lot in avance!

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