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Code size leads to corrupted device

by edhowork Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:06 pm

I have a working application for TD1204 which I recompiled in the newest SDK. Apparently the binary size increased which lead to an error during flashing. The message is "invalid flash address", during 'erase flash' step at 26% of the flashing process..

After flashing an other binary, one that does actually fit, the device messages are not received anymore by the sigfox network.
My assumption is that the flash process erased some important settings in non volatile memory,

How can I recover the device?

arm-none-eabi-size --format=sysv -x App03.elf
App03.elf :
section size addr
.text 0x1b428 0x0
.eh_frame 0x4 0x1b428
.rodata 0x277c 0x1b42c
.data 0x750 0x20000040
.bss 0x1e80 0x20000790
.stack 0x800 0x20002620
.debug_aranges 0x24c0 0x0
.debug_info 0x279ba 0x0
.debug_abbrev 0x7007 0x0
.debug_line 0x23474 0x0
.debug_frame 0x7bac 0x0
.debug_str 0x8220a 0x0
.debug_loc 0x4f8c 0x0
.debug_ranges 0x2170 0x0
.ARM.attributes 0x27 0x0
.debug_macro 0x2203f 0x0
.comment 0x60 0x0
Total 0x127be5
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Re: Code size leads to corrupted device

by mstempin Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:13 am

The "invalid flash address" message is often caused by selecting the wrong device for flashing. Make sure that in the energyAware Commander tool that the Debug mode is set to "Out" (the black JTAG connector on the Energy Micro STK board) and not to "MCU" (the onboard CPU on the Energy Micro STK board). When connecting, you should see an EFM32G210F128 chip type, bot an EFM32TG840F32.

You may have to upgrade the Energy Micro STK firmware to the latest version in order for this setting to be persistent.
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